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Coco Rocha Skincare Habits Follow Up

Last year model Coco Rocha gave Beautygeeks the scoop on her skincare habits. A year later, what's changed?
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Coco Rocha Oct 2011

Last year around this time I asked Canadian model Coco Rocha about her skincare habits and was surprised by her candid on-camera confession. So on Friday, backstage at Todd Lynn, as I surreptitiously envied her luminous complexion, I asked her whether she's changed anything in regards to her skin's routine. She laughed. "Probably not," she said.

Coco Rocha_Oct 2011

Skincare aside, there is no such thing as a day when Coco doesn't wear makeup. "I love my makeup," she told me back when she was doing press for Rimmel London nail polish.  "Some people are shocked because models don't do that ever -- they have to have a free day. I've seen models on the street and they're like, 'why are you wearing makeup, what shoot did you come from?' I do full face."

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Do you ever go to bed with your makeup on? I won't judge (can't make any promises about Staff, though).