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F is for Flyaway Fixes: Four Tips including Maybe the Best Pro Flyaway-Fix Tip Ever

Fed up with disobedient flyaways that insist on waving to strangers wherever you go? Four pro tips including one of the best EVER from lovely Charles Baker Strahan.
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Big day. Boss finally let me do another post. "Do whatever you want," she said. "As long as you can find an 'F' title to fit the every-Friday-the-post-has-a-hed-that-starts-with-F thing," she said. "I trust you." Okay well, she didn't say the last three words, and in fact had a weird, pained look on her face when she spoke to me, but that was probably due to the ill-fitting shoes she was wearing at the time. Meh.

Anyway, the Boss doesn't think I do any work (as if she ever pays any attention to what I do), but the fact is just the other day I was helping someone pick out some hair products. "My biggest problem is flyaways," my fine-haired friend told me. I realized I've heard that from more than one person, that the bane of her beauty existence is the rebellious gang of little individual strands that like to wave at strangers across the room. And it turns out I have four tips to share. (Imagine the Boss' surprise.)

Rowenta 2-in-1-Ceramic-Ionic-Curling-Iron

1) Celebrity stylist and Herbal Essences pro Charles Baker Strahan, who the Boss just saw in NYC this week (no, I didn't get to go with her. #statusquo), has, in my humble opinion, some of the best frizzies-fix tips I've ever heard. The first is an easy one, especially if you have wavy or curly hair: use a curling iron to throw in a few random curls. The Rowenta 2-in-1 combines flat iron with curling iron so you have options.

Oribe Superfine Hairspray and Superfine Strong Hairspray

2) Another tip I've heard from several stylists is to position your hair spray over your part and spray lightly in the direction of the hair growth, parallel to the hair's surface instead of straight down. That way the mist of hairspray hits only the randoms (instead of the top of your head) so you can smooth them over and encourage them to lie down. Oribe Superfine Hairspray is a medium hold formula which won't make the hair wet (that means it won't cause frizz, plus you can also use it with hot tools to help style as per this technique). If you need more hold, try Oribe Superfine Strong.

John Frieda Touch Up Flyaway Tamer

3) A current obsession of many (including Beautygeek Liza Herz -- she's nice) is theJohn Frieda Full Repair Touch-Up Flyaway Tamer, which has a mascara-like wand applicator for easy smoothing.

4) But my favourite tip ever is the one Charles shares in this blowdry tutorial -- yup, it's that "maybe the best pro flyaway-fix tip ever" in the hed. It involves a makeup brush and hairspray. (Charles also demonstrates that you can use spray gel on dry hair, plus why and how.)

Just don't use that makeup brush on your face after. Maybe keep it with your hair arsenal instead?