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Painting Class: Watercolour Nails from Lucian Matis Spring 2012

Nail guru Leeanne Colley and the Tips Nail Bar team do watercolour -- watercolor -- nails for Lucian Matis Spring 2012. You can do it too, with this tutorial.
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watercolour nails_Tips Nail Bar_Spring 2012

I had to borrow Leeanne's iPhone for the how-to video on the watercolour nails -- or watercolor nails -- she and the team at Tips Nail Bar & Spa did for the Lucian Matis Spring 2012 show last night. I'd popped in for an appointment last week and there they were, in various stages of development. And my camera was at home. #shouldneverleavehomewithoutit

Lucien Matis Spring 2012 nails by Leeanne Colley and Tips Nail Bar

Inspiration for these watercolour nails -- or watercolor nails *grin* -- came from the fabric shades in designer Lucian Matis' Spring 2012 runway collection. (See Elle Canada's top 10 favourites from the show here.)

Watercolour nails_glazed white base_Tips Nail Bar

The base coat is Revlon White on White (plus a clear, UV-cured glaze to make the nails ultra glossy).

watercolour nails_polish colours

The colour is regular polish: Hard Candy's Splendid, and Creative Nail Design's Anchor Blue, Flashpoint and Electric Orange.

watercolour nails_Spring 2012_pre-tip_Tips Nail Bar

As for the watercolour nails technique (yep, or watercolor nails technique), it's brilliantly easy. If you're into nail art -- and you love Spring -- you'll love this tutorial:

Model photo courtesy of Leeanne Colley/ and Tips Nail Bar & Spa.