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Beauty Tools: Two Getting-Pretty Accessories Make Me Look... Goofy

Japanese hair pads and shadow shields sure look goofy when you wear them together...
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Japanese Hair Pads

Back when we were shooting our Enuka Okuma cover for the Fall issue of The Kit, we added editor photos to the day's schedule.Hair and makeup pro Andrea Claire had some interesting accessories with her, and busted them out when she did our makeup.

Dariya Hair Magic Sheets, aka Japanese hair pads ($2.70 USd,, aka the pink thingies in the photo above, are handy for shoving hair back without leaving clip or bobby-pin marks. The textured side that keeps hair in its place is velcro-esque (one side of the velcro equation). Removal's as much as a snap as putting them in -- just lift away from hair -- and nope, there's no strand pulling.

Andrea also had with her a stash of Shadow Shields ($9.99/30 shields,, adhesive polyester crescents designed to catch eye shadow fallout as you apply. I wrote about them here and included a how-to-use video.

Japanese Hair Pads and Shadow Shields

Don't they perfectly complement the hair pads? I'm a vision, right?