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F is for Filigree-esque: Expect Stares with these Spotlight-Stealing Paper Lashes

These delicate, intricate lashes are a surefire conversation starter. And people will stare. In a good way.
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You're not supposed to want your makeup to get more attention than you do, but these delicate lashes will fight you for the spotlight. You can still win, though. Compliments are always a win.

These delightful works of art ($19, Sephora) are made by a company called Paperself, which specializes in creative industrial design using -- yes -- paper. Furniture, lighting design, fashion eyelashes. Artists.

paperself lashes

I think the lashes look best when they're the star of the face. Their appeal gets a bit blurred when paired with strong makeup that competes.

Traditional Chinese paper cutting inspired the designs, each of which incorporates symbols of beauty and prosperity. The butterflies in these Deer & Butterfly lashes represent freedom, beauty and sensitivity.

Would you wear them?

Remember: you'll win.