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Like or Unlike? Chanel Spring 2012 "Underwater Fairytale" Makeup and Nails

A sneak peak at what to expect from Chanel's 2012 Spring makeup and nails collections.
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Chanel 2012 makeup

Chanel is forecasting an ethereal Spring, an "underwater fairytale," according to Peter Philips, Creative Director of Chanel Makeup. With pale, glowing skin, strong brows, shiny lids and soft lips, Philips' key words were: "luminosity, purity and a touch of humour." From Karl Lagerfeld, it was "shine and pearls." My words? Love. This is an easy, feminine beauty.

Chanel 2012 makeup_eyes

Eyes were glossy and shiny -- Philips used the word, "wet" -- with black liner along the lashes. You can get this look now; Philips used Illusion d'Ombre shadow in Fantasme (81) and Emerveillé (82), which are part of the 2011 Fall Collection. And hang onto your brow-builders, ladies -- note the definition that keeps the look from being too sweet.

Chanel 2012_backstage beauty_two faces_makeup

Cheeks were brushed with Blush Horizon de Chanel, a special edition pink/coral for Spring; lips were a soft sheen, a combination of Rouge Coco Baume and Lèvres Scintillantes in Plaisir, also both part of the Spring 2012 makeup collection.

Chanel 2012_backstage beauty_nails_nail polish in April

Spring nails in three shades: 1) Chanel Les Vernis in April (533).

Chanel 2012_backstage beauty_nails_nail polish in May

2) Chanel Les Vernis in May (535).

Chanel 2012_backstage beauty_nails_nail polish in June

And this is 3) Chanel Les Vernis in June (539).

03_2012 SS RTW - MAKING OF PRESS KIT_Pearls along the spine at Chanel 2012

Pearls down the model's spine for the Spring campaign shoot also showed up on the runway. You can see the full show here.

Like? Unlike? What's your favourite?