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On the Spot: I've Found My Signature No-Chip Mani; This Time it's Artistic Colour Gloss

My Artistic Colour Gloss no-chip mani, with my new signature dot. Yep, I have a signature dot now, I've decided.
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Artistic Colour Gloss in All the Rage

I'm obsessed with white dots on my nails. Not in a calcium-deficiency kind of way, but as in Crafter's Acrylic Paint. And just a single clean dot at the base of my nail.

It first happened in the summer, over Gelish soak-off in Tiki Tiki Laranga, and so far, it's my favourite no-chip mani. I can appreciate more intricate nail art, but for me, my own nail canvas can handle only so much. The single it-might-be-shine dot is just enough. And it gets crazy compliments!

While I'm quite attached to the dot, I'm more flexible on the nail colour -- sort of. For now, I've reluctantly accepted the Fall season and moved from bright orange back into my other favourite nail shade, grey. Now I'm wearing Artistic Colour Gloss soak-off in All the Rage, a cross between Essie Chinchilly and OPI You Don't Know Jacques (which is available as a soak-off Axxium shade as well as regular polish). I may go for other shades, but we'll see what I let Leeanne talk me into.

an Artistic Colour Gloss soak-off refresher

Artistic Colour Gloss soak-off, developed by celeb manicurist Tom Bachik (Gelish creator Danny Haile served as consultant) has a few elements in common with OPI Axxium soak-off and CND Shellac.

Artistic's Soak-Off Building Gel comes in a little pot and looks like gel the way Axxium does. (Ideal for naturally weak nails like mine, it's the stronger of the brand's two base formulas.) Similar to Shellac, Artistic Colour Gloss shades come in polish-like bottles with brushes. With the strong base, it's a no-chip mani that seems promising for me in terms of OPI Axxium-like endurance. (It's usually three weeks; Shellac lasted only 11 days on me.)

Artistic Colour Gloss_All the Rage

This is the first time I've had Artistic Colour Gloss colour (with my summer no-chip mani, Leeanne used Gelish soak-off colour with the Artistic Colour Gloss Soak-Off Building Gel base). I'm just past a week with it now.

Artistic Colour Gloss bonus: it needs just 30 seconds per coat in the UV lightbox. (I love OPI Axxium, but it needs 2 minutes per coat.)

Do you know about OPI GelColor, a new, cures-in-30-seconds soak-off expected to launch next month? Do you have UV-exposure concerns? Where do you land on dots?

Manicure by Leeanne Colley/Tips Nail Bar & Spa/