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Distinctly Different: Maybe Not Beautiful, but Now I Can Tell My Keys Apart

Less hassle than getting rubber or plastic key identifiers, printed cut keys are a smart confusion eliminator.
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printed keys

When did this happen? I mean, when did printed or "fashion" keys become widely available in Canada?

many printed keys

Not that I'm all that concerned about the when. I've had mine only a couple of weeks -- my sis got them for me. She needed copies to make The Great Purge of 2011 happen (thank you, Sister, for the keys and the purging).

I'd actually been meaning to get some of those rubber or plastic thingies you put on your keys to distinguish one from the other, but never got around to it. #typical. I used to have a couple, but they got old, split and fell off the keys.

animal-print keys

I can't say I love these particular patterns, although they're fun. But I love being able to tell my keys apart so easily.

Have you seen these around? What do you think of the idea?