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Free Stuff: Offers Canadians a Chance to Try Before We Buy

New Canadian website offers free top-brand household, personal care and beauty items to try before we buy. Did I mention FREE?
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What impresses me most about a new Canadian site called is that I don't have to pay anyone $50 for teensy packets of product. No fees from me! Also impressive is that though some of the items will likely be so-called "deluxe" proportions (deluxe is code for diminutive luxury if you ask me), some will be, via full-value coupons, full-size top-brand bottles, tubes and jugs of stuff we all use, ranging from household to personal care to beauty. (John Frieda seems keen on getting Full Repair hair care into many hands -- looks like they're offering samples here as well as via their Facebook page!) screen grab

Signing up is a breeze. After a quick questionnaire to make sure you get samples you want, you're set to receive delivery of a box of items completely free. Did I mention free?

And if you're thinking this sounds too good to be true, it isn't. It's a win-win, a way of getting brands you might like into your hands so you can decide what you like before spending your cash on them. Not a new concept, but an organized one.

Oh, sorry, am I holding you up? Off you go to get started.

Is this a service you can use, or what?