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Beauty World: Dior Holiday Video Game

Wanna watch something fun? Pretend you're not old enough to remember Tetris and Pac Man? Pretend you're young enough to know what the rest of the game references are? Or just enjoy the makeup?
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Dior Holiday video screen grab

Oy. "Please, please, puhleeeeez may I do a post?" begged Staff. Since she almost never shows such initiative, I thought okay, fine. So what does she do? Posts what amounts to a free commercial for Dior's holiday beauty collection.

Can't say I don't appreciate the Tetris part, mind you. #reformedaddict

And okay, the Pac Man bit, although it makes me think about micelle cleansers. And the pretty makeup. Plus, the music's perfect-for-4pm peppy. (It's "Tigerlily" by La Roux.)

What's your take?