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Knock-Knox: Extra-Strength Hair Protection + Bonus Conditioning

Sometimes beautygeeks love a quirky detail. Take Knox Gelatin + hair + synchronized swimming...
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Knox Gelatin

Synchronized swimmers know from helmet head. They spend most of their time in chlorinated pools. And they know how much hair loves a good chlorine soak -- seriously not so much, especially if it's blonde or coloured. Plus, random strands of hair escaping those pulled-back ’dos are an untidy, get-in-the-way no-no.

So for them, Knox Gelatine is the answer. Mixed with water and applied to hair, it dries to form a protective helmet ain't no chlorine's going to get through, and from which no hair can pull free. The gelatin also functions as a mega protein-pack -- win, win.

Okay, so maybe it's not an everyday hair solution for you. It's great for Halloween, though, for that Ross Geller costume (it's retro, right?), or Devo (if you remember Devo), or hey, why not a synchro-team of friends?

My question: how did anyone come up with this idea? Have you heard of any other topical uses for gelatin? (Apparently gelatin for nails is a myth, sorry!)