Tech Support: Do We Need a Tool to Measure Hair Health + Thickness?

A new drugstore diagnostic tool is in the works to help consumers measure the damage and thickness of their hair. Would you use it?

A new hair tool is coming to drugstores in a matter of months, says P&G principal scientist Jeni Thomas. But you can't buy it.

Busted Image

Designed to give users a reading on a) the level of damage and b) average thickness or texture of their hair, the Hair Health Profiler is supposed to make selecting appropriate care products easier. Note: the thickness measured refers to strand circumferance, not the amount of hair on your head.

The scale for each measurement runs from one to 100; the higher the number, the greater the damage and thicker the hair. Via the prototype in the video, my hair-health reading came up at just five (translation: stupid healthy); my thickness came up at 58 (translation: fine).

Now although some of my hair is fine, I know my overall texture is actually medium, a mix of fine and medium with a dash of coarse. But instead of taking four readings from different areas of my hair, I might have thrown off my average by sticking to one or two areas. #mybad

Here's the prototype demo with Jeni:

Do you think you'd find this type of tool useful? Would it help you know your hair better, or make choosing the right products easier?

Video via Fujifilm Finepix F300 EXR.