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Cranky Beauty Pants: Cranky 2011 Emmys

Cranky B Pants weighs in on unfortunate hair and the second coming of Christian Bale (sort of).
Juliana Margulies_September 2011

The broadcast was largely predictable - "Modern Family," "Mad Men" and "The Daily Show" won the way they usually do, but it appears you can't have it all, even if you're on TV.

Kaley Cuoco_September 2011

For example, Julianna Margulies, star of "The Good Wife," had (weirdly retro) finished hair, but only about 12 sequins on her I-hope-this-is-not-the-future-of-fashion Armani Prive dress, whereas Kaley Cuoco of "The Big Bang Theory,"  had a lovely dress, weird shoes and hair that looked like a DIY job.

Julie Bown_September 2011

Julie Bowen ("Modern Family") also had DIY-looking hair, but that might be cause her kid was projectile vomitting prior to mom and dad leaving for the show. She gets a pass.

Also, if ombre is the look you love for your hair, wear it down. Wearing it up puts the dark roots and blonde ends too close to each other - like colour-blocking on your head. Unattractive.

So, dear readers, whose look did you crave and whose are you going to rave about at work this week?

P.S. Bill Macy is the new Christian Bale.

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