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'Do Hold: How the Right Kind of Hairspray Can Help You Shape + Keep Your Curls and Waves, Like Setting Lotion Did

Do you know what setting lotion is?
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Mad Men

SPONSORED I mentioned setting lotion to a friend a few weeks ago -- and got a puzzled look in response. Perhaps now is a good time for me to admit that I'm older than a lot of folks seem to think? (My inner 12-year-old gets out more than she should.) I remember setting lotion, which, in another era (sheesh) women used to put in their hair for... roller sets. Think the ’50s, ’60s, even ’70s (the time I remember).

Funnily enough, despite being just 23, TIFF rising star Canadian actress Katie Boland knows exactly what I mean. She's just finished working with Oscar-winning director Paul Thomas Anderson (There Will Be Blood, Magnolia) and Phillip Seymour Hoffman on a film called The Master, which gave her first-hand experience with... roller sets. We chatted about it as she was getting ready for the TIFF Rising Stars party at The Drake on Sunday evening.

Nowadays setting lotion is rare -- there's so much other stuff on the market. Like Elnett hairspray ($14.99 at drugstores), for instance.

Elnett's claim to fame, other than being stupid hard-to-get here before L'Oréal Paris brought it back, is that it does not give you helmet head. You can spray, spray, spray your style into place, then easily brush it out if you want to change the ’do. No crusty finish. That makes it a genius setting product when you're adding waves and curls to dry hair.


L'Oréal Paris Official Hair Stylist Eric Del Monaco -- that's him in the background of the clip with Katie -- confirms my Elnett-as-setting-spray theory. He says to mist a section of hair lightly, then place the curling iron mid-way up. Thanks to the Elnett application, you'll be able to wind the lower section around the curling iron barrel without the hair slipping out, and the hair will take shape quickly and easily.

When you're finished, try the Extra Strong Hold to help your style last.

Have you ever used hairspray to help create curls and waves? More importantly, did you know what setting lotion is??