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L'Oréal Paris TIFF Beauty Report: Madonna's Red Carpet Hair and Makeup

Spotted Madonna's beauty team, hair stylist Garren and makeup artist Gina Brooke, on the red carpet at the TIFF 2011 premiere of W.E., co-written and directed by Madonna. What do you think of their work this evening?
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Madonna_TIFF 2011 red carpet

While awaiting Madonna's arrival at the L'Oréal Paris spot on the TIFF 2011 red carpet for the premiere of her film W.E., I spotted the superstar's beauty team in her entourage.

Madonna's beauty team, Garren and Gina Brooke, at TIFF 2011 red carpet for W.E.

That's celeb hair stylist Garren and celeb artist Gina Brooke there.

Madonna_TIFF 2011

What do you think of the work they did last night?

Get a closer look here.

Madonna photos by Scott Meleskie.

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