Cranky Beauty Pants: Vanessa Hudgens and Marion Cotillard go Doppelgänger

Vanessa Hudgens does Zac Efron? Marion Cotillard does Adrianne Curry?? What???
Vanessa Hudgens

Dear Readers: You know how, over time, people start to look like their pets or their spouses? This is Vanessa Hudgens, former girlfriend (or current? actually don't care) of former teen heartthrob Zac Efron (you know, before those Twilight people came along and he became all "A Walk in the Clouds" or some damn thing. Wait, I think it was Charlie St Cloud but again, who cares?).

Remember his swoopy hair from Lakers' games and magazine covers?

Vanessa Hudgens with Zac Efron hair

This is the same hair. She's like an Lohrange, dark-haired version of him now. Creepy.

Speaking of celebrity doppelgängers, we have the usually most-times flawless Marion Cotillard at the Contagion premiere in New York.

Marion Cotillard_Cotillion

Reality TV watchers - does she remind you of anyone? Maybe the Cycle 1 winner of "America's Next Top Model," aka Adrianne Curry aka soon-to-be-ex Mrs. Peter Brady? I'll wait while you Google image her.

The "over the shoulder" shots are eerily similar to me.

Just me?


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