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It's Broken: Demi Lovato's Makeup on Her Upcoming Album Cover

Dear lovely Demi Lovato. Who did your makeup? Why didn't you wash it off?
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If you know me, or are a regular Beautygeeks reader, you know I rarely sound off about beauty things I don't like. I'd much rather discuss stuff I love.

I do not love this.

Demi Lovato, 19, may want to change her image some after starring in a series of Jonas-brothers-related films and going through a rough personal patch. But that's no reason to walk into a random beauty parlour or maybe a strip club to have her makeup done before an important-for-her album cover shoot.

Okay, I don't know for sure that she walked into a random beauty parlour or strip club for a makeup application. (And I'm not saying you're guaranteed a bad makeup job in random beauty parlours. I happen to know a couple of excellent makeup pros who sometimes work from salons. But Demi Lovato didn't go to one of those.)


But WTF with those harsh tadpole brows? Plus all those fake lashes and all that liner? And the opaque foundation? The dark lips could have worked if they weren't so overdrawn and the rest weren't so porn-star.

Wow. I really thought I could stop after "I do not love this." Maybe it's Staff, egging me on from her corner. Or it's Cranky B's influence.

Or maybe it's just that I get upset when someone with access to some of the top makeup artists in the world and with so much natural gorgeous ends up looking like... this.

It's probably Cranky B's influence.

So. Do you have thoughts about Demi's makeup?