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India Hicks: Makeup Pro Dino Dilio on How He Did India's Makeup + Great Tips You Can Use Yourself

Enough with the "you need heavy makeup for TV." Dino Dilio tells us how it's done, with his client, designer, author, model and busy mom India Hicks, as his example.
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India Hicks at Teatro Verde_Yorkville_Toronto

"You're going to be on camera, so you need way heavier makeup than you would usually wear." I hear that mostly in relation to weddings, and it drives me crazy. Cameras, makeup textures and makeup techniques have evolved so much since that statement was true, maybe 25 years ago. High definition in particular makes a more subtle approach crucial. Okay yes, you need more than usual, but only a little more, and it can still look natural.

India Hicks on Canada AM_makeup by Dino Dilio

An example of modern makeup for the camera? India Hicks' simple but beautiful application for her appearances on "Canada AM" (see the clip here), "CityLine" (see the clip here), and for promos she filmed at Teatro Verde in Yorkville after she sat down with my camera and me. (If you're just tuning in, India was here to talk about her new fine-jewelry collections as well as her new India Hicks Island Living Ultra-Moisturising Hand Therapy range for Crabtree & Evelyn; during her visit, she also found time to share her beauty secrets with Beautygeeks.)

Dino Dilio was India's makeup artist for all that. Well known in these parts, he's a regular on "CityLine," offers classes to women keen to learn how to apply their own cosmetics better, and is now the National Makeup Artist for The Bay.

Dino's also a fun interview. Here he dishes on the makeup textures and shades India Hicks is wearing, offering plenty of terrific tips along the way, such as:

  • what primer gives skin a healthy glow
  • what foundation to use when you don't want to use powder (it can emphasize skin texture you'd rather not spotlight)
  • how to make your makeup uniquely yours
  • how bronzer can unify your whole look
  • how blush can perk eyes up in a flash
  • the difference between flat-looking liner and liner that looks alive
  • makeup that looks good in all lights
  • what makeup to wear if another heat wave comes along

Tons of tips, right? Enjoy the video.

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