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F is for Fancy Books: Will These Get Us Buying Hardcovers in an E-Reader Age?

Charming vintage-style covers on these children's classics have me tempted, but what about you?
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vintage-style books_indigo holiday 2011

Staff's not on board with pretty Puffin Classics from Penguin Group (Canada) as a Beautygeeks thing, but clearly she has zero power here (and could stand to learn that). Walk around with something that looks like one of these like it's an accessory, and you're sure to get compliments. Who doesn't love a compliment? Adds its own special beauty glow, right?

new vintage-style book covers_indigo holiday 2011

I'm utterly charmed by these sweet covers. Want them all ($21 each), especially because they're favourites from my own childhood.

pretty books_Penguin Group Canada_holiday 2011

But if you've moved over to digi-books on your iPad or Kobo or Kindle, is a pretty, vintage-style cover enough to get you to buy an actual book?

Penguin classics_Penguin Group Canada_holiday 2011

If kiddie nostalgia isn't enough, would a decor-worthy jacket on a grown-up classic or another book you want make the difference between buying the cover + pages or buying an e-reader version?

These books from Penguin Group (Canada) will be in bookstores in time for the holiday 2011 season. Images snapped with a Fujifilm FinePix F70 EXR digi-cam.