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Day Tripper: Hey, Jenny Craig, Here's What I Didn't Eat Last Wednesday (+ Some of What I Did)

Still revising my eating habits as I face some pretty awesome challenges. Success? Maybe.
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Treats at the Thompson Hotel_Toronto

The Jenny Craig program advises against eating out during the first four weeks of the program. That's because 1) the will to stick with it hasn't yet been reinforced by results, and 2) trying to figure out what fits within your calorie allowance can be overwhelming. It's way too easy to trip up. And because my job involves a number of breakfast or lunchtime meetings, plus events with tempting appetizers, I've had a few challenges. Consider these, all of which came at me over the course of just one day -- after I'd had a meeting and an open-face egg-white omelette breakfast at The Four Seasons' Studio Café.

mini cupcakes

At the Thompson Hotel Rooftop Lounge for a McCain Ultra Thin Crust Pizza launch I'll tell you about later: mini cupcakes. I didn't eat any of these.

Busted Image

And nifty bamboo cups of what appeared to be custard (sometimes it's best not to have all the sweet details) and berries with a biscotti shard. I didn't eat any of these.

something chocolatey

And chocolate mini cakes topped with choco-icing and what looked like a white chocolate sliver. I didn't eat any of these.

pastry tree

And sugar-dusted, chocolate-drizzled pastries assembled in a tree. I didn't eat any of these.

strawberry tree and other treats

And sugar-dusted berries and strawberries cupped in chocolate, in another tree formation. I didn't eat any of these. (I'm a bit allergic to strawberries.)

But lest you think I had no food fun at this event, here's what I did eat:

beef_mashed potato_yorkshire pudding

Spoonfuls of mashed potato, roast beef and a nibble of yorkshire pudding. Right up my taste-bud alley, and worth-it delicious. And because my Jenny Craig program includes mashed potato, beef and bread, I figured I could have two -- after all, they were definitely portion controlled, and I hadn't had lunch. (When I reported these to Sarah at my JC appointment, she agreed with my assessment and added mildly that the mashed potatoes were probably made with loads more butter than JC's. I'm glad I stopped at two.)

McCains Ultra Thin Crust Pizza

Bitsy slices of McCain Ultra Thin Crust Pizza. (Yup, pizza's part of my JC plan too.) I had just the piece on the left. I probably could've had another, but beautygeek Liza and I were dreadfully late to the pizza part of the party because we'd pounced on the brilliant celeb makeup artist and hair stylist duo we'd spotted as the event started. (More on them in another post.)


Fruit. I went for the blueberries -- Liza and I were on our way out; blueberries were the easiest to snag as we went past the colourful platter. Plus they're great for skin and I love ’em.

Post McCain, we stopped for caffeine at Crafted, a café on Ossington.

latte at Crafted on Ossington

Yummy latté. I'm not into heart shapes, but if you put one on my coffee, I'm not going to make a big deal about it. FYI.

Oatmeal raisin bar at Crafted on Ossington

Home-crafted oatmeal raisin bar. I hope this hits a max of 240 calories, which is the cal-count of the daily Jenny Craig protein/fibre bar I'd forgotten at home. I also forgot to mention this to Sarah; likely it has more butter. And now that I look at it, I realize that although it's shorter than the JC bar, it's thicker and definitely more dense. Could be an oops.

From Crafted, Liza and I went to a Sephora Holiday preview event. I photographed the products instead of more food, but I can tell you I had maybe three wee appetizers. Two were mac-and-cheese rice rolls (I think) the size of small dolmades or almond roca; another was I-can't-remember-what on a cracker, topped with rapini. (Oddly, I'm a sucker for rapini.)

Tangled Thai salad_Fresh

And later that same day, at dinner with Julia, there was this: the Tangled Thai salad + tempeh at Fresh. That's puffed quinoa all over the top. And it's piled high in a ridiculously too-small bowl (makes it difficult to eat neatly, Fresh). But check out the what's-in-it, below.

Tangled Thai salad at Fresh

Sarah asked me about the dressing; it seemed more lime than peanut, but I have no idea how much there was. (Note to self: ask questions about ingredients next time, and request it on the side.) But the salad didn't seem drenched, so that's something.

Kind of a nutty food-tempty day, right? Happily -- maybe a bit smugly -- I was much more restrained than I would have been before starting this Jenny Craig adventure. I thought about the types of food I've had on the program (if there had been ice cream this day, I would not have had any), and I kept portion sizes in mind, mentally putting each bite into one of the JC meal containers as I went. As for the rest of the week, I stuck to the plan pretty faithfully, although I didn't drink as much water or do as much walking as I would have liked (maybe only 20 minutes).

I'm down another two pounds :-)

What trips you up when you're trying to stay on track? And say, would you have preferred a slideshow of these images rather than a long post of pictures?

Please follow the links if you missed the beginning of my Jenny Craig journey and the back story.

Photos via Fujifilm FinePix F300EXR digital camera.