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F is for Framing: A Brow Pen How-To

Don't be afraid of brow pens. Or brow markers. They're not like Sharpies. Really.
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brow tint pen_Karen_Marilyn Denis

First thought that comes to mind at the thought of a brow marker or brow pen: Sharpie? Well here's a quick video demo to show you why you might want to think about adding one to your routine. Er -- brow pen, not Sharpie.

At the moment I'm obsessed with the new fine-tipped brow pens from Urban Decay And Stila, so much so that although I mentioned them recently, I have to highlight them again. They are a lot like markers. Only better, because unlike Sharpie on your face, they say nothing about what kind of partying you get up to.

Stila brow tint_Urban Decay Urbanbrow pen

The Urban Decay Urbanbrow Precision-Tip Brow Tint ($24) comes in Universal Blonde and Universal Brown; the Stila All Day Waterproof Brow Color Pen ($27) comes in Light and Medium. I'm particularly taken by the Blonde and Light shades because they're so perfect for blondes: zero red undertones, sheer enough for light blonde brows and buildable enough for light-to-medium brunettes. And both formulas are water resistant.

A quick visual on how to use the pens might be useful. Here, on "The Marilyn Denis Show" (see full segment here), I'm using the Stila All-Day Waterproof Brow Color Pen in Light on model Karen, who, like me, overtweezed just once when she was a teen (sheesh). The key with these pens is light strokes. But don't worry -- you'll find them easy to use, I promise. Heck, I use my Urban Decay Urbanbrow Universal Brunette in the back of cabs.

Will you think about switching from pencil or powder to one of these?

The Stila and Urban Decay brow pens are available at Shoppers Drug Mart and Sephora starting this month.