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Toy Story: How Would You Change the Message This Doll Sends?

In the midst of sunscreen guideline changes, education programs about UVA/UVB protection, and skin-cancer prevention issues, is this toy sending the right message?
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Tanned Playmobil sunbather

At first I thought just Photoshopping a bottle of sunscreen into the picture would fix this little Playmobil sunbather, a toy spotted at the Indigo Books in my neighbourhood.

a playmobil sunbather: say what?

But we're in the midst of sunscreen guideline changes, educational programs about UV protection, and skin-cancer prevention warnings. A little bottle of sunscreen is not enough to make a Playmobil sunbather a less harmful toy.

Playmobil sunbather

To alter the message this bronzed, bikini-clad sunbather sends, I'd keep the hammock (I love hammocks), add clothes that offer more sun protection and put her under two shady trees.

What would you do to correct this toy?

UPDATE: As a result of a spirited Twitter conversation with someone who thought I was being racist about the colour of this doll's skin, I realize it's important that I add more context. This is about UV exposure and the damage it can wreak on skin as well as its related health risks. UV protection is mandatory for every skintone. Whatever your heritage, it simply isn't healthy or safe to lie out in direct sunlight even with protection.

Does a Playmobil sunbather belong in your child's playtime repertoire?