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Someplace That's Else: Waterproofing, High-School Reunion, Hot-Guy Style Re-Cap, + The Best Beauty Line EVER

Mascara, Ryan Gosling, and what happens if you mess with my face.
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Eric and Pam

If you're a "True Blood" fan, then you know that if you want to walk in actress Kate Bosworth's Parisian-chic Dicker boots, or the similar-look types as per Liza Herz, like her you'll be walking sans Alexander Skarsgard, according to the *moue*

Speaking of shoes, if you're looking for a little more sneaker in your sandal, you'll be interested in IWantIGot's review of a pair of coral? burnt orange? summer heels.

And speaking of summer, waterproof mascara's never been more in demand than it has been in the last couple of weeks. DalyBeauty does a Canonball and comes up dry.

On the subject of heatwaves, how about that Canadian hottie Ryan Gosling? Yes, the "Photoshopped" one. The Fug Girls track Ryan's fashion evolution, and again I bow down to their way with the words. Bow. Down.

Canadian beauty eds first met this gorgeous and engaging writer when she was a New York City PR ace for a big skincare brand. Leaving that gig behind to pen pieces on relationships, pop culture and this bit for on the dreaded high-school reunion was a gutsy move for her, and so very right.

If you've seen my brow-makeover posts, you know I'm a pre-Ryan Gosling fan of Photoshop. But it seems to have got L'Oréal into a bit of trouble with the Brits, who have banned the beauty brand's ads featuring Julia Roberts and Christy Turlington. Here's what the Brits had to say, as well as a few other around-the-web notables, on

And perhaps the best beauty line ever?

"You fuck with my face, it's time to die."
-- Pam, "True Blood," season 4, ep. 5

Proudly Canadian: Liza Herz, IWantIGot, DalyBeauty, Ryan Gosling, ChickAdvisor, and FASHION Magazine.