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F is for Facepaint Aid: Excuse Me, is that Carmindy in your Pocket?

Carmindy is your best pocket pal -- and she's gone all You-Tube on her own face to show you her techniques.
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Janine & Carmindy

If you're hoping to copy Kate Middleton's wedding day DIY makeup, you'll save plenty of internet-trawling time by buying one thing for just $4.99: The Carmindy App for iPhone and iPad (an android version is in the works). By way of serendipity, the app's wedding-makeup tutorial mirrors the look the Duchess wore, albeit with a lighter, fresher eye-liner approach. Bonus: The Carmindy App recommends the right shade for your complexion.

"One of the things I get asked all the time is 'what colours do I wear for my skintone and my hair colour," says Carmindy, who put her skill to work on my face for the photo above. So customize your avatar with hair, eye and skin colour, then peruse a number of how-tos, including video clips and clear face charts. Looks range from the five-minute face to girls-night-out drama, and show details from winged liner to a quick smokey eye.

Not just Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Inspired by Carmindy

Product recos include drugstore and department-store options, which you can add to a built-in shopping list. "I talk about NARS, M.A.C, Rimmel, NYC, Milani -- there isn't just one brand that everyone uses," says Carmindy. "We save on certain things, then splurge on the lipstick of the moment." She also says the app will be updated with new recommendations as occasional products are discontinued. #thinksofeverything

In addition, there's a dash of self-help via a short vid on the mirror-mantras Carmindy developed during her own self-esteem challenged youth.

Geeky detail alert: The app took two years to develop because the technology has developed along with it, as well as the artistry involved. "For example, just getting the shading right on the avatars took a while; the techs had to figure it out because there wasn't an easy way to do it," explains Carmindy.

Carmindy goes YouTube on her own face

Updates become available as soon as new feature is added (there have already been at least two), and new looks are planned for each season. Coming soon: techniques based on eye and face shape. As well, Carmindy fans can learn more by watching her apply app-related looks on her own face on YouTube; her wedding-makeup application went up last week.

"It's all a way for me to help women walk into drugstores and department stores and choose products," says Carmindy.

Have you checked out Carmindy's app? Tried any of the tutorials? What do you think about her showing makeup steps on her own face?

A version of this story ran in Metro News. The Carmindy App is available via iTunes.