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Video Interview: Benefit's Maggie Ford Danielson's All-Day Face, Plus Her Wedding Makeup Plans

Benefit's trend artist Maggie Ford Danielson (also daughter and niece to the brand's founders) knows how to make makeup last. And is she going to do like Kate Middleton for her wedding day?
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Janine Falcon_Maggie Ford Danielson

Want your makeup to last all day, maybe across two time zones? You're in the right place to find out how to do it.

This past Saturday, just before an event at Sephora Eaton Centre in Toronto, Beautygeeks met with trend artist Maggie Ford Danielson, daughter of Jean Ford and niece of Jane, the founders of Benefit. In the video below, Maggie walks us through her game face, which will take her from dawn in New York to day in Toronto and evening in Los Angeles -- in 24 hours. As well, she explains why she's not doing a Kate Middleton for her own wedding day (in just two weeks!).

How do you make your makeup last all day?

Let's just call Toronto our made-in-Canada connection today, shall we?