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Someplace That's Else: Blood Suckers, A True-Blood Fail, and Is Tinting Your Lashes Really Safe?

Essential oils to deter blood-suckers, why something True-Blood related isn't age-appropriate, and is having your lashes dyed really safe?
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Joe Manganiello_True Blood still

I get the feeling some of you think maybe I'm obsessed with the show "True Blood." Weird. That said, if you've got blood-suckers on your trail, you'll want to see what essential oils recommends to deal with them.

Okay, I might have a teensy pre-occupation with the hunks on a certain TV show -- even boyfriend Mac B Air is starting to notice he doesn't get as much attention when it's on. But I don't think more frequent exposure to it will make me want to watch less. Of course, Health& isn't talking about this sort of yummy in her post about variety's effect on our waistlines.

Speaking of "True Blood" (again), it seems the term "age-appropriate" must apply. At least that's what BeautyReflections says as she invokes the Hellmouth and points her blamethrower squarely at Twi-Hards.

Enough about vampires. Let's talk anti-aging. Wait -- never mind. DalyBeauty gives an unfamiliar skincare brand a good look and thoughtful review.

The Vaughan Mills Style Agents invited me to have a chat on their next video installment, which comes out next month. I've worked with lovely Afiya Francisco a couple of delightful times, but the vid was my first chance to do something with fab-chic Janette Ewen. Here she sits down (literally) with gorgeous India Hicks and talks Crabtree & Evelyn decor.

Now that the Hellmouth humidity (couldn't resist) has subsided considerably, your back yard is a much friendlier place. Make it more French, too, with tips from AtHomeWithKimVallé

A couple of people have asked me about lash tinting in the last little while. I'm happy to point them -- and you -- toward a smart piece by Rhonda Rovan, who investigates lash-tinting safety on

Yup, all these sites are today's made-in-Canada content. Also -- and this is kind of random -- Joss Whedon, I still love you. Oh, and here's why I'd wished for that digital rewind-and-pause function on my TV Sunday night.