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F is for Food Plan: So I Joined Jenny Craig

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Jenny Craig website snap

I joke about my boyfriend, Mac Book (Air), but the fact is, his face is the first thing I see every morning and the last thing every night. And at first sight, I'm riveted, so breakfast, lunch, dinner -- they all take a major back seat. I used to be in much better shape. Used to eat well, work out, even run. But since my relationship with Mac heated up, busy-ness took over, like it does with so many people.

My first step to regaining mental and physical health, it turns out, is signing up with Jenny Craig (thank you Apex PR).

I've known for a while that a pre-prepared meal plan would be a solution for me. (Another would be a hot house boy man to deal with housework, filing and driving me to appointments, but one thing at a time.) I LOVE not having to cook and clean up! Plus this is even better than I expected because I also have to follow a set menu for the first few weeks -- not having to make decisions about what to eat and when makes my life so much easier. (I discovered I like not having to make food decisions when, during a press-stay at the relaxing Sidney Pier hotel in Sidney, BC, press agent Adele Chan planned my menu for me -- genius.)

I'll tell you more about the program in more posts over the next many weeks -- I'm signed up until December and hope to trim down by a few pounds... okay, 50(I've done it before). But I know what you really want to know about is the food. Here are a few fresh-out-of-the-microwave snaps of stuff I've had during my first two weeks:

Jenny Craig Beef Chow Mein_lunch

Jenny Craig Beef Chow Mein, a lunch meal.

veggies in Haagen Dazs dish

I didn't microwave these, but aren't raw veggies more fun out of a Häagen-Dazs bowl? And no, for most of the month, that bowl doesn't make me want to eat delicious Häagen Dazs Half the Fat Lemon.

Jenny Craig Turkey Club Panini_lunch

Jenny Craig Turkey Panini lunch.

Jenny Craig Salisbury Steak_dinner

Jenny Craig Salisbury Steak dinner. Don't judge me for enjoying this.

Jenny Craig Chicken Fettuccine_dinner

Jenny Craig Chicken Fettucine dinner. Yep, it has bacon and peas, too. Peas with pasta is one of my favourite things.

The program is about portion control, so the servings are small-ish -- part of my responsibility is rounding out the menu with veggies and fruit. And it's not gourmet, no. But the food is tasty, and carefully designed to hit a certain caloric and nutrition mark. Plus there's such a variety of stuff, including choices I wouldn't ordinarily make. In fact, most of the above are novelty choices for me (not including the veggies, of course). Definitely better than the pizza and wings Cortisol was starting to order after I got tired of sushi and Vietnamese delivery.

What do you think so far?