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Someplace That's Else: True Blood Beauty, Rage Rubbing, Cool Skin and a Hot Tool

Apparently there's more than one idea of True Blood beauty; rage rubbing could lead to disaster; cool skin in hot weather; and win a hot tool (and makeup too)
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True Blood_Men

Staff insisted she could find more appropriate links for this week's tour of Canadian sites. When she showed me the above image she'd composed, I decided to give her another chance.

There is, it seems, more than one idea of True Blood beauty. You've seen what Staff and I think about (we're not obsessed, no). This is what Lipstick Powder n Paint thinks about.

Have you heard of "rage rubbing?" According to Coco & Lowe, it's not as much fun as it sounds, and could actually have dire consequences.

I recently had a car-service driver tell me he likes to give women foot rubs. True story -- he likes feet and toes. Imagine if I'd seen this story on in time for that ride.

Summer's been a bit sticky in our part of the world these last few days. It's a good time to consider this cool-skin advice at

Speaking of heat, want to win a hot tool? No really --'s giving one away. You have until Friday to get in on the opportunity.

And now's a good time to mention the Beautygeeks Benefit THEY'RE REAL giveaway, which is open to Beautygeeks subscribers who live in Canada. You'll have just until noon on July 14th to enter if you haven't already. Good luck!

All these sites are made in Canada, of course.