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Someplace That's Else: Help in the Bedroom, Summer Hair DOs’n’DON’Ts, and Saddlebag Blasting

Tidbits from Canadian beauty and lifestyle blogs.
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eric and sookie_true blood

Thought I'd get Staff to do a little online tour to see what people are writing about. Turns out, unsurprisingly, I can't share what she's been looking up. Instead, here's what I found when I went on a blog search myself. #ifyouwantsomethingdoneright...

One of my fave Canadian hair-and-makeup artists Andrea Claire gives some fantastic advice on looking better in bed -- and yes, we're talking between the sheets.

Coco and Lowe share great reminders on maintaining healthy hair this summer, as well as some pretty, easy-’do looks.

Anya gives a nod to her favourite Canadian lip loves, including one I need to know more about.

Heidi gets the scoop on something I used to drink from its natural container when I lived in the Caribbean. (I drank it from a bottle just a couple of days ago, too.)

Michelle goes to a lovely Muskoka spa, meets a handsome plastic surgeon, gets some ouchie bruises -- you know, I'll just let her tell you the story.

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