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Lash Fest: Try This Falsies Application Instead of Eye Shadow to Go Glam

Dramatic lashes mean you can skip the eye shadow. So there.
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Alicia Keyes lashes

I'm contemplating adding false lashes to my back-of-the-cab makeup routine. Yes, it's true -- lately I've been wondering whether I can apply individual flares while enroute someplace. And although one might think I'd be complicating my makeup approach, I'm thinking falsies because once the technique's down, they're big impact with less eye shadow effort.

Alicia Keys_lashes_close up

See, here's Alicia Keys at the recent BET Awards, proving that false lashes can change a game face considerably without the need for much else. I love this application as an alternative to the everyone-does-it full strip of lashes. Clusters of flares at the outer edges of the upper lids aren't so unusual, but a lower-lid application isn't that common, even on the red carpet.

To get the look, try Quo Individual Lashes #811 ($7.50 set at Shoppers Drug Mart) -- or #812 if you're feeling really dramatic -- on your upper lashlines, concentrated at the outer third of the lid. And on the outer third of the lower lash lines, try Ardell Duralash Naturals Knot-Free Flares Short Black ($6.29 at Pharmaplus or For a less dramatic effect, a package of M.A.C 30 Lash flares includes more subtle, shorter options for lower-lash augmentation.

The rest of your makeup: foundation and concealer as needed, plus a little powder; groomed, lightly defined brows; maybe a highlight in the inner corners of the eyes; a bit of waterproof liner along the lash lines; a dusting of blush along cheekbones to apples of the cheeks; and bright lipstick. No mascara required, really.

Sure, positioning the lashes will take practice if you aren't used to it -- makeup in general takes practice. But once you've mastered it, will you try this look? (I might if the cab ride is long enough.)

Although the lashes aren't made in Canada, Quo is a proudly Canadian brand. M.A.C Cosmetics are made in Canada, but like Quo's, their lashes likely aren't. Still counting this for Made in Canada month. *grin* Photo via