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Red & White + Blue: Parisian Skies to Win

A pretty grey-blue eye shadow by MAC and lovely Lesley Ellen Mirza
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MAC Bloggers' Obsession Parisian Skies_Lesley Ellen Mirza

I've mentioned the so-lovely Lesley Ellen Mirza before -- she's the woman behind Lipstick Powder n Paint and the Canadian beauty-blog trailblazer I looked to when I started up. Her kind advice and support was invaluable.

Lesley's been in the beauty-blog news of late for a delightful reason: she's one of nine bloggers who collaborated with M.A.C Cosmetics to create a special-edition item for the brand's Blogger's Obsession collection. Her contribution is a beautiful, satin-finish grey-blue shadow called Parisian Skies ($17.50).

The collection is available via only. And right now, Parisian Skies is sold out. So it's a good time to enter Lesley's contest to win one of 10 eye shadows she has on reserve. To qualify, though, you'll need to know what inspired the shade, so hit this link before you enter.

If you don't get a you-won email from Lesley after her contest ends on July 10th, you can still give in to the allure of her Parisian Skies. Looks like is going to restock soon.

Congrats, Lesley! xoxo

Lesley Ellen Mirza, Lipstick Powder n Paint and M.A.C Cosmetics are all made in Canada.