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F is for Fib: Use the Threat of Tomorrow's Hangover to Get Your Guy to Moisturize

Do you have to lie to get your guy to moisturize? Sure, why not? Sarah did.
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Want to convince a recalcitrant man to have a facial? Pair it up with a massage. #donedeal. But if your guy's meh over skin care at home, whaddya have to do? Lie?

Sarah did. She told her fellow that moisturizing his face before bed is a surefire way to avoid hangover symptoms after a night of imbibing. So they cleanse and moisturize together after evenings out. And he's so on board with the theory that in the rare event he forgets, he'll bolt out of bed to rectify the situation as soon as he remembers.

Really, if you think about it, Sarah's fib isn't really much of a whopper. Well hydrated skin at least prevents a person from looking hungover.

Props, Sarah.

Think the hangover-remedy theory will work with your guy? Did you have to get creative to get your guy into moisturizing? Or is he down with good skin care on his own?

In case you're wondering how this fits into Beautygeeks' annual July Made in Canada theme, Sarah and her guy were made in Canada.