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Hat Head: What Six Inches Means to You

A jaunty fedora does you no protective good in the sun. You need six inches. Of brim.
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You want a sun hat with a brim like this

Now that it's officially summer, time for a size reminder. See the brim on this hat? Huge, right? So big that it shades face, neck and chest from the sun. That's what you want.

Sure, those jaunty straw fedoras are all kinds of cute. But don't make the mistake of thinking they're good sun hats. You need more inches. At least six. Really. And you can get them lots of places this year -- the above photo was snapped at The Bay, and Winners had a bunch at the start of the season. Stylist Vanessa Taylor had some excellent broad-brimmed examples on set with us, too, when we shot the cover for the summer issue of The Kit.

hats on the set of The Kit's summer cover shoot_stylist Vanessa Taylor

Do you already have a wide-brimmed sun hat? More important question: do you wear it?