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The Willies: How To Write On A Man's Whisker Hair (So You Can Leave it in an Airport Washroom)

Size matters when it comes to getting attention for Gillette's Proglide razors. The company, which actually does employ rocket scientists, had an ad inscribed on a fresh-from-a-man whisker.
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Gillette ad on a man's hair

I shouldn't really be surprised. After all, the Gillette Fusion five-blade razor head was developed under the direction of a former rocket scientist. (Kevin Powell told me once that he found it more fulfilling to work on razors rather than stuff that might be used in warfare.) But it does give me the willies that someone thought to inscribe ad copy on fresh-from-a-man whiskers then leave them in airport washrooms for other dudes to read.

According to, to facilitate easy reading, QR codes accompanied the hair, which may or may not have been in plastic baggies. The Guiness World Record folks are expected to weigh in on whether this is the World's Smallest Ad.

Here's how to recreate the effect at home, if you happen to have an electron microscope and a Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor. The vibrating kind?