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F is for Flame: Old Spice Guy and I Make a Hot Video in Toronto

Yes, of COURSE I ask him to remove his shirt.
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Old Spice guy Isaiah Mustafa_Janine

We're on a boat. Aboard the Tall Ship Kajama at Queens Quay in Toronto a couple of steamy days ago. There, Old Spice guy Isaiah Mustafa and I tackle a spicy topic or two for our hot video together (below). And yes, I make the request you all want me to make.

A former wide receiver, Mustafa went straight into acting after his football career. (Fun fact from 2005: If you look real hard, you might spot Mustafa as an injured football player in the isn't-Scarlett-Johanson-pretty vehicle, The Island.) His big break, as most know, came as the Old Spice guy, thanks to his suave-dude interpretation of the character, an inspiration that hit as he left an over-the-top recital of his audition lines on a friend's voicemail.

Since the campaign debuted, Mustafa has become one of the highest profile television-ad characters, with appearances on Ellen, Oprah and Jay Leno. He's also picked up guest spots in shows such as "Hot in Cleveland" and "Chuck," and has a small role in the upcoming Jennifer Aniston/Jason Bateman/Kevin Spacey movie Horrible Bosses.

The first Old Spice commercial itself picked up an Emmy for Best Commercial last year, beating out the Snickers ad featuring Betty White. And The Man Your Man Could Smell Like is a popular Halloween costume.

Naturally I jumped at a chance to make a hot video with the Old Spice guy, now putting his dulcet tones to work on Old Spice shower gel scent Komodo (it "smells like exotic winds and spicy freedom," and hits shelves in November). And yes, I am all too aware that from this side of the screen, I appear to be leering throughout -- *shrug*. Sonya and Anya, you'll recognize questions you suggested -- you're awesome, thank you.

Now there's only one question left, raised by Erick: in a showdown between The Most Interesting Man in the World and The Man Your Man Could Smell Like, who do you think would win?

The Old Spice Fresh Collection is available at food, drug and mass merch stores; suggested retail $4.99 each.