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DIY Natural Beauty: Why Stacey Davis Makes Her Own Face Cream + A Hot-Weather Natural Facial Mask

Stacey Davis, founder of Lovefresh Body Goodies, shares her natural-skincare recipe for day cream and a summer facial mask.
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DIY face cream recipe

Stacey Davis doesn't know what standard moisturizer ingredients upset her skin. All she knows is that all the off-the-shelf creams she tried aggravated her dry, sensitive, rosacea-stricken complexion. A diy natural face cream became her solution.

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Stacey has experience with lotions and potions -- she's the founder of Lovefresh Body Goodies, a line made primarily with natural essential oils and extracts. (The Lovenotes collection, a grapefruit-kissed body wash, scrub and lotion, is her first all-natural lineup.) So she cooked up her own face cream, with apricot, jojoba and avocado oils and other natural ingredients, and tweaked it carefully to perfect its texture and moisturizing levels. Five years later she's still using that recipe, and says that within a short amount of time, the rosacea settled down.

Stacey's Rose Day Cream isn't available for sale. She makes it for herself, family and friends. But if you're interested, you have access to it as well: Stacey shares her summer-tweaked recipe and complete how-to instructions in the summer issue of The Kit.

And here for beautygeeks, Stacey shares her hot-weather skin-softening Cucumber, Banana and Oatmeal facial-mask recipe:

  • ½ small cucumber, shredded or cut into very small pieces)
  • one small banana, peeled and mashed
  • ½ cup of regular oatmeal
  • one teaspoon of plain yogurt

Mix cucumber, banana and oatmeal into a paste, add the yogurt, and apply to skin. Relax for 30 minutes. "Skin will feel soft and supple for the remainder of the day," says Stacey.

Now I'm not saying natural skincare is always the answer if you suffer from rosacea -- different things work for different people. But Stacey's recipe works for her; it might work for you.