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Heat Wave: Bronze White-Moon Mani + An Other Crazy-Cool Nails Slideshow

A bronze white-moon manicure how-to featuring NARS nail polish in Desperado and Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle in White Tip
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Bronze white-moon

Did Danielle's bronze white-moon mani on the current cover of the summer issue of The Kit catch your eye? (That's Danielle's hand in the photo above, getting a touch-up on set.) Want to get the look at home? Here's what nail queen Leeanne Colley used, and how:

  • one coat of base coat
  • two coats of Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle in White Tip as the base
  • one coat of NARS nail polish in Desperado from moon to tip
  • one coat of top coat
Bronze white-moon mani

Apply the white polish in very thin layers; wait for the first layer to dry thoroughly before you apply the second, then wait for the second to dry completely before moving onto the next step."Letting each layer dry properly before the next gives you longer lasting results overall, even if you're just doing a regular one-colour mani," notes Leeanne.

Once the white base is completely dry, use french-tip tape or three-hole-punch reinforcements cut in half as your half-moon guides. "Don't press on too firmly, or you risk damaging the base polish," says Leeanne.

NARS nail polish in Desperado

This NARS polish is highly pigmented, so you need only one coat. "As you finish doing the bronze on each nail, remove the tape right away so you get a clean line," advises Leeanne. "If you do this look with a polish that needs two coats, obviously leave the tape on until you complete the second coat, but work quickly and remove it as soon as you finish that second coat on each finger." Apply top coat once polish is completely dry.

Below, more crazy-cool nails by Leeanne Colley and her Tips Nail Bar team, Rita, Melissa, Yumiko and Miyuki. These shots are from LG Fashion Week's Fall/Winter 2011 shows earlier this year.