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Public Service: Words on Frosted Pink Lipstick (and Sharp Lower Lash Liner)

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Enroute via car service to the insanely beautiful Elysian Hotel in Chicago, I idly flipped through one of those US-magazine types and stopped at a story featuring cute newscaster Katie Couric. Why?

Three words: Frosted. Pink. Lipstick.

One more word: No.

A bunch more words: Please, learn that a soft, smudged line of colour under eyes is more flattering than a harsh, defined one. I just want to reach into this photo with a makeup brush and soften that under-eye line.

Pollyanna's words: Doesn't Katie look a bit like Christie Brinkley here?

Don't think I got the photog's name in my phone-cam snap of the magazine page; will check and update later. I did get the name of the makeup artist, but think it would be mean to include it here. (Pollyanna just gave that a thumbs-up. Staff rolled her eyes.)