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As Seen on TV: Coconut, Sugar, and Summer-Smooth Skin (sans Clive Owen) on The Marilyn Denis Show

Get smoother skin with coconut, white sugar, buffing cloths and exfoliating body lotion!
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Smooth Skin on The Marilyn Denis Show

Mother Nature seems to be dragging her warm-weather heels, but that just gives us extra time to get our sheltered skin into revealing shape. That said, heads up, Mother N -- getting rid of winter-scaley skin is as simple as a good buffing and moisturizing. With the tips Marilyn Denis and I talked about on her show today, we'll be ready to show off pretty skin tomorrow.

Get Your Scrub On
Two words: shredded coconut. Mix it with body lotion, such as J.R Watkins Coconut and Honey body lotion ($11.99 at drugstores), hop in the tub and rub the mixture over shoulders, arms and legs, then rinse off. See the Spring issue of The Kit for more. Bonus: the friction against skin will release some of the coconut's natural oil, an excellent skin softener.

Two more words: white sugar. Think of plain white sugar as the lazy person's exfoliant. All you need to do is rub it over damp skin in the shower and rinse. Bonus? The tub doesn't get slippy. Bonus 2? You can use it on your face. It's Carmindy's go-to.

Emily exfoliates for The Marilyn Denis Show

Buff Your Back
What, Clive Owen's not available to scrub your usually neglected back in the shower? I know. I keep him pretty busy. Happily, you can get your own back-buff on with an exfoliating cloth, such as CleanLogic Stretch Bath and Shower Cloth ($5.99 at Pharma Plus), or the popular Dermalogica Ultimate Buffing Cloth ($24), which is super long. (I was a dork and cut mine. Don't cut yours.) Bonus? You can buff your whole body with this + body wash.

Soften Up
Anyone surprised at yet another mention of Weleda Sea Buckthorn Oil ($22.99 at Pharma Plus)? If you're unfamiliar with my obsession, I geek out about it here and here.

If you're dealing with bumpies on your upper arms, backs of legs, wherever, you may need the extra exfoliating help that Neostrata Body Smoothing Lotion ($34.75 at drugstores; can give you. It's a 10 per cent glycolic-acid formula. Just be gentle with your in-shower buffing so your skin doesn't sting when you apply it.

By the way, those bumpies are a skin ailment called keratosis pilaris, the pronounciation of which embarassingly flew out of my head on air because I was still thinking about Clive O. Oops.

Huge thank you to the lovely Emily Gravelle for being our video model! (You're wonderful; heart!)

What's your smooth-skin secret? Have you tried any of these?