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F is for Fact Check: Dear Gwyneth, Please Do Your Homework

Via Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow recommends Apricoderm lip balm but says it's German. It's Swiss; oops.
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Thank you, Gwyneth, for the fruchtloses Unterfangen. That would be, in Google-German, the wild goose chase you've sent some folks on in search of Phytopharma Apricoderm lip balm.

Busted Image

"It's a German product," you said.

"You can find it all over Europe," you said.

Well, two things:

1) It's Swiss. If you'd checked the link you included in your newsletter, you'd know that. Oops. And if I'd checked it sooner, I'd have known that too. But this isn't about me.

2) Flashing my cel-phone photo of the balm yielded never-seen-it-before head shakes in Paris and in Hamburg. "...find it all over Europe" might be a teensy overstatement.

Now I realize this sounds a tad harsh. I so wanted to find it while visiting France and Germany. Disappointment has made me cranky. However, it's just occurred to me that maybe you had someone help you. Was it Staff? A fact-check fail is just like her.

Anyone going to Switzerland anytime soon? I need a lip balm.

This is the link to Phytopharma.