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Psst: If You're a Rihanna Fan, the Boss Videotaped This Live Performance

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Rihanna_California King

Hey, Staff here. Turns out the Boss is busy today -- still complaining about the lack of WiFi in the middle of the ocean, probably, and whinging about poaching spam sites. #firstworldproblems. That means I'm in charge. Finally. At least for the next 17 minutes.

So here, watch a video. It's Rihanna doing her new song, "California King Bed" in front of an intimate crowd of about 900 people on a cruise ship in Hamburg, Germany. The song also happens to be the commercial soundtrack for a certain well-known cream celebrating its 100th Anniversary.

Rihanna's dress is BCBG, by the way.

Okay, I need a nap. And a raise. Somebody tell the Boss.