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Face Creme: You Can't Buy a Nivea Tin Featuring Rihanna

Rihanna is on the lid of a limited-edition Nivea Creme, but you can't buy it.
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Rhianna Nivea

I'm on a big boat. The Nivea Blue Boat in Hamburg, Germany, actually, as part of Nivea's 100th Anniversary celebrations. I'm here along with 250 journalists from around the world, including three others from Canada, and 650 contest winners* and execs from Beiersdorf, the company that owns Nivea.

I'm also here with Rihanna -- she's greeting each guest in the cabin bathroom, from the lid of a limited-edition Nivea Creme tin. And later tonight, at 6pm, she's performing live on the Theater deck of this 14-deck cruise ship.

If you're a fierce Rihanna fan, I'm sorry to tell you that you won't be able to buy a tin like this from any retailer. It's only going to be available via special promotions starting in August.

And no, my tin isn't for sale.

*Via contests in 48 countries, Nivea selected consumers to join them on the Nivea Blue Boat for tonight's event. Unfortunately there was no such contest in Canada. According to Beiersdorf, there wasn't enough time to co-ordinate a Canadian initiative -- there isn't even a Nivea Canada Facebook page.