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Cat Manicure: Nail Tips for Kitty. Seriously.

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A DIY mani takes a different turn when it comes to your cat. Have you heard of this thing, nail tips for kitties?

Nope, not polish, acrylic or UV gel, but vinyl tips that fit over natural cat nails, SoftPaws were developed by a vet as an alternative to having cats de-clawed. The process apparently causes them no pain, although there's an adjustment period, and it's something you can do yourself, as per the clip below snapped from a how-to video on the Soft Paws website.


A package of Soft Paws consists of 40 nail tips and two tubes of glue, and retails for under $20 USd plus shipping. A variety of colours -- including glitter! -- are available as well as clear. And of course there's a Q&A section you'll want to consult.

Is this something you'd consider for kitty? If you already know from Soft Paws, have you tried them? And who has the better mani, you or your cat?

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