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Wave Rollers: Tousled Hair à la Rachel & Kate + A Quick Change

How to use Goody Summer Wave Rollers for soft, pretty waves like Rachel Bilson and Kate Bosworth
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Pretty hair is just getting easier and easier to achieve on our own without a peck of talent, thanks to clever styling aids such as the Goody Spin Pins, Mini Spin Pins and Bun Spiral. Oh, and these soft blue-and-pink things.

Good Summer Wave Rollers_May2011

The Goody Summer Wave Rollers (above, $11.99/15 pk) are sleep-on-’em friendly, and, depending on how agreeable your hair is, can be used on dry hair sans product, and sans blowdryer, too.

For extra hold, you might like to spritz hair with something like Bumble & bumble Setting Lotion before popping the rollers in. Or you can dampen the sponges before wrapping hair around them. Then try a quick once-over with your blowdryer, do your makeup, and take the rollers out.

Here's the video how-to, plus a very quick change-up ’do.

And if you want to add extra sparkle to your hair, how about these little crystal-topped spiral pins from the Goody Luxe collection? They're Goody Luxe One-Stone Spin Pins ($4.49/6 pk).

Goody Luxe crystal hair accessories

Ideal to dress up an updo, or to wear for maybe a beach wedding, hmm?

Goody hair accessories are available at Loblaws, Walmart and Pharmaplus. Video and accessories shot with a Fujifilm Finepix F70EXR digi cam. Music, Go! by Ash Koley (btw, lead singer, Ash, wears the most fantastic red lipstick).