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The Hot List: Your Very Best Mother's Day Gift Guide, Maybe Ever

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SPONSORED Electric can openers and vacuum cleaners are great gifts if you're celebrating, say, "it's Thursday!," but definitely. not. for. Mother's. Day. Still, even if the hubs and kids already know that, finding the right present for mom isn't always easy. So once again, it's super-smart Shoppers Drug Mart to the rescue with their interactive DIY Gift Guide to share with loved ones.

The Pleasure Principle For some, a gift registry or shopping wishlist is a tricky thing because they don't like asking for presents. But think how much pleasure a gifter gets from giving someone exactly the right treat. And think how much more pleasure the gifter gets from seeing the giftee use/wear/enjoy that exactly-right treat.

Besides, Moms, surely you have enough perfumes that don't smell good on you, or makeup better suited to -- well, not you, or random skincare you have to use up before you can buy what you really want to try.


Yes, Please, and Thank You! With Shoppers’ Gift Guide tool, you can choose crazy-soft Airplus for Her Aloe Infused Ultra Moisturizing Socks (2 pairs/$10), hone in on Dior's new moisturizing DiorAddict lipsticks ($31 each), highlight Chloé Rose Edition Eau de Parfum spray ($90) because it is your scent, and say yes, please to Lancôme Génifique ($95), which you've been dying to test drive.

As well, you might acknowledge feeling tempted by Biotherm Huile de Gommage Oil Therapy ($35) to smooth and soften skin; Stila One Step Foundation ($57) for skincare as well as complexion-perfection components in a single move; and Smashbox Halo Hydrating Perfecting Bronzer ($45) for a foolproof, just-off-the-yacht glow. And holy wow, Shoppers also offers an array of amazing gift cards for retailers such as Banana Republic and Chapters Indigo, and an American Express one, too.

Keep on Giving Once you've finished your Gift Guide wishlist, you can email or Facebook it to your hubby and kids, and keep it handy as your own reminder shopping list (I can't be the only person who hits Shoppers then, in the face of all the fun stuff to look at, forgets why I'm there). This is a gift guide that keeps on giving, no?

And, if you are in the having-trouble-asking camp, think about this: to deny your beloved gifter those feelings of accomplishment, satisfaction and happy joy-joy in giving a perfect gift is, well -- selfish. There. Said it.

P.S. Of course, if you disagree with the say-no-to-electric-can-openers-and-vacuum-cleaners decree, by all means please let us know!

* * * Save the Date to be Beautiful At Every Age * * *

Mark May 7th on your calendars for some mother-daughter time at Shoppers Drug Mart's Beautiful At Every Age event! Every hour on the hour, all day long, every Shoppers store across Canada will offer free 5-minute makeover demonstrations to mums and daughters from 18 and up. The focus is on age-appropriate makeup tips and tricks to enhance your natural gorgeousness. A most-excellent treat for a beautygeek pair, right?