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Video How-To: The Messy Topknot

Easy messy topknot with the Goody Simple Styles Bun Spiral
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Goody Simple Styles Bun Spiral

It's been around for a couple of seasons, but the messy topknot is likely to be around for a bit longer thanks to the Goody Simple Styles Bun Spiral ($6.99 at Walmart, select drugstores). I'll be sporting it occasionally during the summer because now I can actually do the messy topknot, rather than the oh-did-I-not-pull-the-ponytail-all-the-way-through? look more appropriate for, say, cleaning the house rather than leaving the house. And of course, if the top's not your preferred position, you can get things going a few inches lower.

Goody Island Sun accessories 1

Goody's Island Sun line of hair accessories -- floral clips, barrettes, headbands -- adds some flirty fun. Hairstylist Brennan Demelo puts oversize yellow and orange flower clips into our model's hair in the vid below. If you have really dark hair and want to make a subtle-yet-totally-fabulous statement, try a black oversize fleur. Goody has those in the collection too, naturally. ($3.99 to $5.99 at Walmart).

I'm not the only one who couldn't pull off the topknot unaided, am I? Have you already tried this Bun Spiral thingie? Or the genius Spin Pins? (My hair-and-makeup-artist friend Andrea Claire has this eight-bobby-pin bun how-to if, like her, you're better with the originals.)

Hair, Brennen Demelo/Brennen Demelo Studio. Video and floral-accessory photo shot with a Fujifilm Finepix F70EXR digi cam. Music, This Heart is a Stone by Acid House Kings.