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The Kindest Cut: The Secret to a Great Layered Haircut That Lasts

Video demo: hair cutting technique for great, long-lasting sexy layers
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Greg May clients

You know you go to a great stylist when you can't remember when you last had an appointment, yet your style's still got its shape and is still easy to do. You really know it when you realize it's been four or five months. That's the kind of cut you'll get from Greg May, owner of Greg May Hair Architects in Toronto's Yorkville area. (That's his work in the image above, photos he takes of each client -- and tweets -- post appointment. He's also worked with pretty much all of Canada's top fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazines.)

Greg May knows structure. Even with the most dishevelled looks, good structure is key to effortless styling, as well as extending the time between visits (standard about two months). A former cop (a fun random detail), this guy does killer bobs with perfect lines that still look perfect four months on, and gorgeous long layered cuts that also look amazing months longer than they should. And he's a total technique geek, which of course I appreciate. He tells you exactly what he's doing as he works, which is how I discovered the secret to a great layered cut that lasts.

Has this happened to you? You had layers cut into your hair then discovered two weeks in that, inexplicably, the lower half of your cut suddenly looks scraggly (especially if your natural texture is wavy)? And your hair's started to fight back when you're trying to style it? It's not you. It's your cut. You've probably got some weird-ass, squared-off shelf-y layers going on, too. Gah! And yep, it's happened to me.

But when a stylist uses the cutting technique Greg demonstrates in the quick video below.... Perfection: hair that follows styling direction without argument, and a style that looks good for months.

Special thanks to my sis, Karen, who is the hair in Greg's chair.

How long do your cuts usually last? How often do you hit the salon?