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Geeking Out: Curling Mascara That Works

A mascara that lengthens, volumizes, adds texture and actually curls.
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L'Oréal Paris Fiber False Lash Mascara

L'Oréal Paris Fiber False Lash Mascara

Some years ago I tried a few mascaras that promised to curl my lashes, and they didn't. Instead they gave me the impression that most curling mascaras don't really work. But yesterday, I met one that does, and I'm stoked. It'll help speed my back-of-the-cab makeup routine by cutting out the lash-curling step (which I think alarms the cab drivers when they see it).

My lashes are short, sparse, and tend to slant down a bit as they grow. I always have to curl them before mascara. But for the above photo, I applied the mascara straight from the tube. I didn't wipe off excess product, nor did I line my inner upper lid, and of course, I didn't curl my lashes.

L'Oréal Paris Fiber False Lash Mascara/L'Oréal Paris Cils Architecte 4D

You'll meet this mascara in October -- unless you live in Europe, where it lives under the name L'Oréal Paris Cil Architecte 4D. With a promise to thicken, lengthen, texturize and curl, it's set to be released in North America this Fall with a new name: L'Oréal Paris Fiber False Lash Mascara.

The fibre-rich formula contains carnuba wax and rice bran, as well as a polymer that curves the lash as it dries. The brush is long, slender and tapered; the bristles are set in a graduated-length spiral. Next time I use it, I'll try that wipe-off-excess-first move that I usually don't need with my usual mascara faves. (Hope I don't have to do that regularly, though; seems a waste of mascara, plus it becomes an extra step, if you ask me.)

However, my big question is this: are there great curling mascaras out there that I should know about??