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Twist it, Sister: A Charming Hair How-To

A lovely hair tutorial from A Cup of Jo; try it with Goody Mini Spin Pins
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Three twisted buns_Cup of Jo

I'm obsessed with this hair tutorial by NYC writer Joanna Goddard. I posted a link on the beautygeeks Facebook page on the weekend, but thought maybe I'd post it here today in case some of you don't do Facebook -- no judgement.

It's so simple, this look: three little twisted buns at the nape of the neck, which would be made even easier by Goody's Mini Spin Pins ($6.99/pair).

Seems best for medium to fine hair -- I suspect my thick Asian-esque hair will stick out at the ends in an animé way rather than the pretty finish Joanna's friend Caroline achieves. So will you try, please? And let me know how it works for you?


Full delightful instruction at A Cup of Jo.

Photographs of Caroline by Jamie Beck. Goody Mini Spin Pins at Walmart.