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Mirror Mirror: A Celebrity's Best Friend Before Facing Photographers

Ashley Judd pulls a Nicole Kidman Oops with face powder at a photocall for the launch of her new book
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Ashley Judd takes a powder

Poor Ashley Judd's not only had a rotten childhood, chronicled in her new book, All That is Bitter and Sweet, but at a launch photocall, she pulled a Nicole Kidman. Or rather, her makeup artist pulled the same powder trick Nicole Kidman's did a while back. Oops.

Celebrity powder mistakes

The take-away:

1) Never face photographers without first facing a mirror.

2) Doesn't hurt to have someone snap a digi-photo with a flash to see how light bounces back, too. Sometimes a flash reveals something you can't see in natural light. (Ashley's powder-puff problem isn't so obvious in photos with less flash.)

3) Be super nice to your beauty-expert team.

I'd have put the "be super-nice" advice at the top of the list, but sometimes it doesn't matter if you're nice. Some people are just mean. Or incompetent. (I'm looking at you, Staff. Never letting you do my makeup.)

Pollyanna's take? Oh look at the nice celebs showing us where to dust transluscent powder so that when you brush it away you'll be left with subtle, face-brightening highlights.